Shaping a 21st-century solution to fit an architectural achievement of the 50’s

The modern world has seen lots tremendous improvement especially technology wise and the internet. It has enabled architects to build structures that define the modern existence allowing people to come together and have more fun. In this article, however, we review some of the modern constructions that have being remodelled courtesy of the 50’s architecture.

Cambridge high school stage

Cambridge high school stage

In 2012, this prestigious institution was experiencing some staging problem. They sought help from an expert who was to provide a versatile and flexible remedy. The stage was one of the remarkable achievement of the vintage building brought up in the last century.

The stage was designed by Walter Gropius and Maxwell Fry. Their unique design was described as one of the best building in England, to date, by Nikalaous Pesvener. This is something that audience would agree with.

It features a rectangular frame around the edge of the podium, coupled with striking Grade One Listed curvy steps putting a barrier between the performer and the audience. This problem needed a quick solution help the need for portable staging and seating expert to help come up with an innovative and versatile solution.

Before the problem got solved, the curved steps could not be drilled nor be screwed calling for a new stage. With another portable stage, the cameo stage was ready for rehearsal in just 20minutes.

Some of the credit goes to the Main Stage Ltd, who manufacture and supply portable staging. They worked closely with the college to find the best location and solution for the problem. The team started by using Topdeck Cameo stages which are light in weight yet a genius solution portraying simplicity and strength.

The main challenge was to engineer the Cameo stage in such a way that it fits the curve stage. With the staging company experience, the stage was shaped according to the original stage, and all this happen within a timeframe of twenty minutes.

Pros of Topdeck Cameo stage.

The stage can be erected, moved and packed at ease. Assembling is quick and can be done by two people. It is easy to transport and store. Its finish comes either as carpeted or in varnished option.

Pros of Topdeck Cameo stage

If you are having trouble with your stage, Cameo stage extension has remarkable tight fit stages which with their experienced will get fixed in the current stage within minutes. They provide their client with a 3D drawing before installation.

Bury Catholic school and Chesham Preparatory school had a problem with their stage. It was bulky and required many people to build. They needed something light and took less time to build. By the end of the contract, the school had a robust four –tier seating solution which could accommodate 80 people. It was easy to erect, dismantle and store.

The primary goal of the company is to build stages and seating product that match the customer needs. Now all the schools can present their Arts with no problem.