Find out how you can use the wet weather to your benefit

how you can use the wet weather to your benefitWet weather is unwelcome to many of us. However, there is nothing we can do to bypass the rainy season. So how do you turn a gloomy day to your advantage? Here are some suggestions.


Harvest the rain

Is your water bill high? Then you should be grateful when you see rain signs. Use a barrel or have a water collection system installed on your house roof. Rainwater is hygienic especially to those living in the countryside where there is less air pollution.


Sometimes bad things happen for a reason. You might be stuck at home away from the chaotic workplace, and the rain has no signs of subsiding anytime soon. Take the time to sleep. According to statistics most adults are sleep deprived and desperate to have a day off and take a rest. It will help improve your health.

Organise your home

With a busy schedule, you barely notice the condition of your house until someone brings it up. So how about getting rid of the garbage in your house. You could then find market online and fetch some money. So it is not a wasted day.

Learn something new

There are things to learn in life except for crunching number at work. How about learning to sew any something else interesting that you saw on the internet.

Evaluate your finances

To most people going out there and hunting for money is the important thing. They lose track of how much they make and spend in the process. Bills are automatically deducted, and all we have to worry is not make an overdraft. During wet weather go through the receipts and see your spending habits. See if the money is efficiently spent.


With parents watching is an expensive luxury. However, it is still fun just like the teenage days. When the kids are in school and alone in the house, switch on your used to be the favourite program and feel young.

Read a book

Find an intimate, warm spot and grab a book. You might learn something new and life changing.

Paint a picture

Painting is therapeutic. You are not required to be good at it. Draw something unique and hand it in your bedroom.

Reflect on your life

Grab a book list how you were ten years ago, here you are currently and where you want to be in ten years’ time. Simple goals but a great strategy.

Have other ideas in mind? Great, you might start appreciating the wet weather now.